Monday, April 30, 2012

Excitement! (Umm, for the most part.)

Recently, I realized my camera had gone missing...bummer.  Especially since this bunny blog only JUST got started.  These things happen when you don't put things back where they live.  Well, you know, so I've been told.

My External Reaction:  Ok.  Better clean up and get organized.  *starts sorting*
My Internal Reaction:  WAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!  *stomps feet*

HAPPY NEWS is I found my camera before either reaction took place!  (And before any clean up actually commenced.)  

And obviously the small & furries were over the moon with joy, too:

*Eh?  Huh?  Wassamatta?*

*Aww, mom...c'mon!"

*Uh-huh.  You're going to point that thing at me NOW.  Really.*

*Dude.  I'm napping.*

Look out everybody -  the camera is BACK!


  1. Cheeky bunch aren't they?Then again who am I to talk?

  2. Oh Speedy! Teehee! They are most definitely a cheeky wee bunch... ; ) x

  3. Yay!! Glad you found your camera! Great pics!!!

  4. Me too! PHEW! Now, if I could just get a shot of an action-shot of a bunny binky....*scratches head*