Monday, April 30, 2012

Food For Thought....

Special thanks to The Bunny Bunch for putting this out today!


  1. I need to change my rabbit's diet then.
    He currently gets 50% Famo Feeds pellet, 30% grass hay, 15% veggies, and 5% healthy treats.
    Thank you for this as I will now be changing my rabbit's diet.
    Thanks so much Binkies and Flops!
    Bunny Hugs,
    Bunny Boy

    1. Don't worry, I've had to do adjustments to my bun's diets as well, Bunny Boy. That's one of the reasons I posted this particular bunny graphic - the way these percentages are actually visualized above is the perfect way to "see" what our buns truly need & should get!

      ; ) x

  2. Here is some good information as the "why fewer pellets are better" school of thought/philosophy from the San Diego House Rabbit Society:

    I always like to know the why behind stuff and thought you might too. :D Hope it helps!

  3. Oh THANK you! I checked out their link - excellent info, TBB. I too like to know the "why" of things and this was super helpful!!!

    ; ) x