Sunday, May 6, 2012

FlatBonnie - Is She Really THAT Flat?!

A few days ago, a fellow bun blogger posted about a cute little Etsy shop called FlatBonnie where one can find - amongst other things - sweet bunny plush creations (my Lord!  Check out the "Ooopsie, Poopsie" set!), and/or even have a custom plush made to spec.

Megan (originator of the post), had a plush made of her own bun, Maddy.  Check her blog out HERE.

TOO CUTE, right?!

I loved Megan's blog, checked out FlatBonnie's Etsy shop (loved it too), then clicked over to FlatBonnie's website which is HERE, and....

Fell.  In love.  With this:

***FYI:  Adopt a FlatBonnie in the month of May and 20% of the sale will go to the rescue organization of your choice!***


  1. I LOVE this post! Thanks for the feature :) Snuggles from Maddy!

  2. Yay! Thanks so much for your original post that lead me to this! SO darn cute; I'm going to have a custom plush made, too! Hoppy Monday from me, Twinkle & Cookie!! ; ) x

  3. I'd love to see some pics when you get it! The pleasure was mine, I know bunnie lovers need to share bunnie secrets hehe. Happy weekend :)