Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gardening For Bunnies

Not long ago, I was looking over my monthly expenses and realized...*GASP!*...What the heck happened to my grocery bill?!  It used to be so, manageable and small (ish) and, and...gosh, it was even kind of cute!  

(Yes, I just said my grocery bill was cute.)  He-hem.

A line by line receipt audit revealed the root of the problem:  repeated purchases of big-boxed-leafy-dark-green-salad mixes for my buns.  WOW, does the cost of these store bought beauties rise quickly when you've got TWO hungry bunnies instead of ONE and they're OM NOM NOMMING their way through several of them each month.


First thought was:  I will till the soil and plant my own garden!
Second thought was:  No way! 

After some reading, research and web browsing, the solution to my dilemma came in the form of pots, pails and - of all things - reusable grocery store bags.  Here are two short vids (chosen from the array to be found over the inter web) demonstrating the 'How-To' and the ease of building your own very own container gardens:

How to make a Salad Bowl Container Garden

Making an Herb Garden with Reusable Grocery Bags

For this bunny mama it means an ease on rapid bank account depletion.  And for the buns?  Fresh yummy greens and herbs all summer long.

Om nom nom!  Pics to come!


  1. well we do love our greens mums just given me my dinner...nom...nom..nom..

    1. Yay! I love that you love your yummy greens, Speedy! Make sure ya eat 'em all up! Twinkle and Cookie say, "Om nom nom!" ; )

  2. Hi binkies and flops my friend has a cute bun called maddy and a mini zoo of pets she has a great blog called Me+Me(gan) its on my blog roll could you pay her a visit as she would follow you if you do the same and I think she will love you buns too!

    1. Ooooo thank you, speedyrabbit! I shall pay your friend, her bun maddy and her other petlings a bloggity visit! xox!

    2. Thank you we buns must stick together and have lots of fun!

  3. Oh we hope this works .. every one with bunns can use help with tasty greens!

  4. Oh, indeed we do, Speedy! What's better than bunnies having fun and sticking together?!!? It's a great big fluffy ball of AWESOME is what it is! ; )

    Rabbit's Guy - ME TOO! Ay yi yi! So far, I've made 3 'salad bowl' gardens (since the last post) and am happy to report they're looking good, despite my dog's attempt at destruction! (He overturned one of the bowls and had fun tossing the freshly planted veggies around a bit.

    o _ O <-- my expression upon finding the veggie carnage.