Sunday, June 3, 2012

Container Gardening Progress & Cookie Om Nom Nom(ming)!

Howdy there, dearies!  

I know it's been another long stretch since my last posting.  But today I come baring images of my sweet little container/salad bowl garden project!  It's been quite an enjoyable learning experience - who knew I had green thumbs?   Not me!!  *points at self*

In this image:  1) the dark pot contains my zucchini, 2) the terra-cotta pot next to it is green bell pepper and Thumbelina carrots, and 3) on the raised white planter holder is 1 of 3 yummy salad bowl gardens.  Also in the mix (which you can't see), Patio tomato, snap peas, Kentucky Pole beans and 2 container herb gardens.
Salad bowl garden close up, a combo of Red Chard and alfresco salad blends.
The cucumber buds!  And, in the 2nd pic, I found my first cucumber the other morning, too.
Do I see a strawberry or 12?!  Oh YES I do!

And last but not least, we have an appearance by the one, the only....COOKIES AND CREAM!!!!

Om nom nom nom NOM!!!  My lil' bun loves her delicious homegrown salads, same as her mamma.  Hope you enjoy this as much as I have, dearies!  

Until next time!



  1. Love the garden! The cucumber looks like a good one, hope it gets bigger! Btw, I am envious of how readily Cookie eats her salad..Maddy will absolutely have none of it and goes about thrashing and thowing her bowl everywhere. The only thing I can get her to eat is cilantro, parsley and SOMETIMES basil..forget about lettuce of any kind OR carrots. Blows my mind haha. Any suggestions? Happy gardening B&F..until next time :)

  2. Thankyou so much! It's seriously been a good learning experience. And I totally LOL'd about the 'tossed salad'!!! Cookie and Twinkle BOTH do that, too, when I give them pellets! They'll each grab the edge of their little bowl and "redecorate" their living quarters. Cookie doesn't like carrots either, which really surprised me, but I guess they have their own favs, same as we do! I think the biggest hit with them is cilantro, but they also seem to LOVE the Red Chard I planted for them in the salad bowls...maybe give that a try?? Or, have you tried any Collard Greens? My buns have devoured that when I pick it up...give Maddy a nose rub from me!!!
    Cashew laters!
    B&F ; )

  3. Lovely Garden you have there Glad to here that cookie and twinkle love's you eforts speedy's mum

  4. What a wonderful garden and an even more wonderful bunny! She's lovely! I'm so glad you take such good care of her! :)

  5. There's a fine garden all right - a fine bunny who likes that garden too!

  6. Good god..Cookie is soooo cute!! Can I post the video of her on my Facebook page? Pretty please??? :) And...your garden is BE-U-TI-FUL!!!! You rock!!!

  7. speedyrabbit, SixBunnies, Rabbit's Guy and kcn2cats - thank y'all so much! Cookie and Twinkle LOVE the fresh veggies and I love giving it to 'em. And kcn, of couse you can post the vid to yer FB page...enjoy!