Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's The Dog Days of Spring!

Hello dearies!  It's been a spell since the last post, but I've got reasons!  I swear!


Well, most of my reasons are related to either...

a)  researching & trying to register/enroll in stuff
b)  gardening with all my Super Powers 
c)  frolicking with bunnies & doggies (umm, not together)
d)  reading my eyes raw
e)  all of the above 

Correct answer is....*JEOPARDY THEME PLAYS*..."E, All of the above"!

So, when the above isn't happening, then I'm trying to get this guy out of MY chair....

Pilot, deepest sleep EVER. I can have a nap.  Yeah, right.  Good luck with THAT.  Ladies and gents and buns, the Dog Days of Spring are here!!!!


  1. That picture of pilot is PRICELESS!! Ummmm...I forgot Tater's e-mail address and password. LOL!! are stuck with the "real" me!! Looking forward to "following" your fab blog m' dear!!